TPNBT has participated at Schloss Ringberg Conference (May 15-18) organized by BIOGEL project:

Active Hydrogels

-An interdisciplinary symposium on the different designs and utilizations of hydrogels-

ringberg picture

Phd fellows of Biogel consortium

TPNBT is going to participate in BIOGEL project so there is a new job offer for this project. You can see further details here.

Technical Proteins Nanobiotechnology (TPNBT) and the Genome Spain Foundation, signed a framework agreement which will fund the preclinical validation process of an injectable bioactive implant for the regeneration of articular tissues that has been successfully tested in animals. Its preclinical validation trials will start with the financing of the public foundation Genome Spain.

More information is available at the following media:


El Norte de Castilla El Mundo El día de Valladolid
ABC La Razón Europapress



TPNBT presented its participation in THE GRAIL project in the workshop “Social Challenge: Health, Demographic Change and Wellness” featuring the talk: “Example case study of regional entities in European projects” on February 13, 2014 at the Palacio de Congresos Conde Ansúrez in Valladolid (Spain).

TPNBT is involved in THE GRAIL (Tissue in Host Engineering Guided Regeneration of Arterial Intimal Layer) project, together a multidisciplinary team of several research and clinical centers and SMEs, which has been granted FP7 EU funds to develop bioactive and bioresorbable scaffolds that locally regenerate arteries after endovascular treatment in patients with atherosclerosis.

Technical Proteins Nanobiotechnology (TPNBT) has received recognition from ANCES as an EIBT (Innovative Technological-based Company) in 2012.