Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC), Mettler

Spectrophotometer UV-Visible Varian Cary 50 with refrigerated cell

Light Scattering with thermostatic cell, Brookhaven


Thermostatted Electro-Spinning

Rheometer, TA Instruments (mod. ARES-G2)


Video-measurement automatic system OCA of the contact angle, 15 plus NEURTEK


Refractometer and Titrator, T50 Mettler

Microtome, Leica

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer with range 210-880 nm, UVISEL

Infrared spectrometer, Bruker Tensor 27


Nikon Eclipse 80i Triocular Microscope with polarization chamber and digital photo camera

Computer equipment, analytical balances, ultrasonic baths, compressor and others

Evaporators, Extraction cabins


Biological safety cabinet, Telstar BIO II A

Nikon Eclipse Ti E microscope with fluorescence, video camera, filter motorization, condenser, shutter, camera lens and z axis

CO2 Thermo Forma Incubator, Model371 Steri Cycle

N2 Thermo Forma Container, freezer

Eppendorf refrigerated centrifugue Model 5810R with fixed and movable rotors

Absorbance-fluorescence plate reader and luminescence reader with Molecular Devices injectors

Eppendorf thermocycler for the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

2 Microcentrifugues

Spectrophotometer Spectronic 601, Milton Roy.

Spectrophotometer Nanodrop 2000C, Thermo Scientific

Spectrophotometer, SpectraMax M2e

Gel acquisition camera Gel Logic 100 de Kodak, UV transiluminator and negatoscopic

3 gel asymmetrical agitators, 3D Heidolph

2 laminar flow cabinets Cruma

Thermostatted Shakers, Incubatorsand and others

Water purification systems Milli-Q A-10 Synthesis and Elix 10 Millipore, 200L tank

2 automated fermenters. 15L Fermenter from Applikon and a 100L Fermenter from Bioprocess


Millipore tangential flow filtration system with Cole Parmer peristaltic pump

Ultrasound equipment: Misonix 750W

Cell disruptor Constant Systems, TS Series 0,75KW

Sounproofer compressor without oil, SOLID 100 DE 8Bar

Centrifugues: GEA, Sorvall

Cold room of 6m2

Refrigerated centrifugues, Eppendorf and Beckman

2 Autoclaves: 140L from Cruma and 75L from Autester Selecta

Lyophilizer, Labconco

Thin-layer chromatography UV display

Thermostatted water baths, sterilization stoves Selecta, thermostatted shakers, analytical balance and others

Together with the material equipment, and as a result of the work carried out in the recent years regarding the fields of regenerative medicine and drug controlled release, the group has:

Bank / synthetic gene library containing more than 200 genes and 25 “building blocks”. The latter can be combined quickly to generate new late genes for the design of materials with diferent applications. All of them, both final and “building blocks”of high interest in biomedical applications.

Bank of transgenic bacterial strains able of producing more than 40 protein polymers designed for various applications.