Technical Proteins Nanobiotechnology offers a large range of high molecular weight recombinant proteins combining the repeating blocks of amino acids responsible of the extraordinary properties of the elastin and including different functionalities mimicking other extracellular matrix proteins or adding stimuli responsiveness amongst others. Source: Microbial production.

Protein Code Description Mw (kDa) Product information
TP20254 Recombinant RGD-containing protein polymer 60.6 PI-TP20254.pdf
TP20109 Recombinant REDV-containing protein polymer 80.9 PI-TP20109.pdf
TP40601 Recombinant amphiphilic tetrablock protein polymer 93.2 PI-TP40601.pdf
TP10804 Recombinant lysine- rich protein polymer 51.9 PI-TP10804.pdf
TP10305 Recombinant glutamic acid- rich protein polymer 32.0 PI-TP10305.pdf
TP30102 Recombinant statherin-containing protein polymer 31.9 PI-TP30102.pdf
TP30301 Recombinant amphiphilic statherin-containing diblock protein polymer 40.4 PI-TP30301.pdf
TP30401 Recombinant amphiphilic statherin-containing triblock protein polymer 71.5 PI-TP30401.pdf
TP40205 Recombinant amphiphilic diblock protein polymer 38.5 PI-TP40205.pdf
TP40207 Recombinant amphiphilic diblock protein polymer 47.0 PI-TP40207.pdf
TP40209 Recombinant amphiphilic diblock protein polymer 59.5 PI-TP40209.pdf
TP40302 Recombinant amphiphilic triblock protein polymer 59.5 PI-TP40302.pdf


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