Our Research under demand service provides personalized solutions. Contact our scientific team for new ELRs design from the genetic level to incorporate the bioactivities and functionalities requiered for your applications.

Protein modification and crosslinking is a powerful tool for several different application fields. Our Research Under Demand Service offers you the possibility to incorporate several tools to our ELRs such as:

  • Nanoparticle functionalization (e.g gold-labeled, magnetic nanoparticles, silica particle)
  • Surface immobilization (e.g. Microtitre wells, silica and gold slides)
  • Fluorescent labels
  • Biofuctionalization through chemical reaction with bioactive factors
  • Photoactivated labels
  • In-vivo protein trafficking and subcellular localization
  • Cleavable labels
  • Conjugated biopharmaceuticals for targeted delivery of cytotoxic agents
  • Type of conjugation reaction: site-specific vs. random coupling
  • Site of conjugation: to reduce steric hindrance, minimize negative impact on folding and activity
  • Development of ‘small’ molecule drug & enzyme conjugates to therapeutic antibodies